The Best Graphic Designers in 2021

In the digital world that we are living in graphic designers are a must-have especially if you are in the world of business. Designs from the amazing guys can be found just in anything in the world. Talk of online casinos websites, books and brand flyers.

David Schwen

The guy is one of the best graphic designers in the world. His designs come from a great year of experience in the industry.  If you are interested in graphic designs this is the guy you should take tips from.  The Minneapolis based designer is one of the best designers in the world also with a huge following on social media.

 Stefan Sagmeister

The Austrian designer is one of the best graphic designs you can get in the world. Besides being a graphic designer he is also a storyteller and a typographer.

Based in new york he is the founder of Sagmeister inc that specialises in creating designs for the music industry. In his career, he has designed for the rolling stone as well as the award-winning Jay Z.

Jessica Walsh

The last need no introduction ion the graphic designing industry. In her career, she has attracted the attention of some of the famous artists in the world. These include Jay Z.

She has also designed for levys. Apart from being an amazing designer, she was also a partner of the Sagmeister and Walsh Inc. She is also a teacher at a school of visual arts.

Lauren Hom

In the world of graphic designers, hom is one of the most influential designers that you can look for. If you are looking for one of the best designers or you want to know about other work you can visit her social media pages.

They all prove that she is the best at what she does. Google, Starbucks and the famous time magazine are some of her top clients.

Luke Choice

The Australian born designer is the owner of the velvet spectrum studio. He is currently based in Los Angeles and is one of the best graphic designers in the world. There is no doubt that one can notice his amazing work from his colourful designs that aim to tell a visual story.

Jannet Liaw

 In a world where most graphic designers are now making use of technological tools in her, work Liaw has stayed true to her hand-drawn creations. Jannet is famously known for her apparel graphics, murals and branding.

Jessica Hische

For someone who has the best clients in the world, she is sure one of the best designers in the world. Currently, she designs for UNICEF, Esty and Pinterest. Check out her Instagram page and you will learn to appreciate the work of art.


Of all the greatest graphic designers in the world, you should always lookout for the best. Here are some of the best designers that have proven to be only the best at what they do. The list is just endless when it comes to picking the best graphic designers.